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It's Sto-Rey Time

Rey was created in an effort to flip the marketing world on its head. How? By providing top quality services without the big marketing song and dance. We do things because they make sense for both our business and yours.  

Our Mission

Why we do what we do

Rey exists to help grow and scale SMB’s by telling their stories. We are dedicated to providing transparent communication in an effort to improve our local economy and community.

Here’s the deal. We are honest to the core. Almost every business we talk to has been burned by a marketing agency or freelancer. We strive to be completely transparent in our communication and set realistic expectations. This is the foundation of Rey.

The Rey Story

Your business is your baby. You have spent your hard-earned money; endless amounts of energy and effort and you deserve to be treated different—better. 

How do we know this? We are in the same boat. We built our own business. 
Our eclectic marketing backgrounds have given us perspective. We have built agencies, worked at agencies, worked in-house, and have experience at massive marketing corporations.  We have seen clients left in the dark, not knowing what their marketing partner is doing or being let down by overpromising/underdelivering.  

Rey was created to provide top quality branding services to our small business community while providing a healthy working environment for talented creatives.   


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Looking pro is easy

From social media, to websites to content creation—businesses are carefully crafting their stories and getting the word out. We work with small business to provide the results you need to grow. We have an arsenal of storytelling tools. Our job is to understand your business, your dreams, your target audience, and share your story. The good news—we’re good at our jobs.